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Year-end land deals help wildlife

December 25, 2018 (Condon, Mont,) – A pair of land deals in western Montana will make life better for wildlife and the people interested in wild lands.

‘The best job in the state’: Montana Land Reliance director who helped shepherd a million acres of conservation easements is retiring

Helena, Mont. (July 13, 2018) – Rock Ringling sat in the Montana Land Reliance’s office recently, looking over downtown Helena and recalling a career that has spanned nearly three decades and placed conservation easements on more than a million acres of land in the state.

Montana conservation group hits 1 million-acre mark for easements

August 10, 2017 (Helena, Mont.) – One million acres. It’s an area roughly the size of Glacier National Park or the Bob Marshall Wilderness. But these particular million acres are not one contiguous landscape and did not come in one fell swoop. It took four decades and more than 800 negotiations across the state of Montana. Last Saturday, White Sulphur Springs rancher Phil Rostad signed the conservation easement for his family ranch, pushing the total acreage held in easements by the Montana Land Reliance over the million-acre mark.

Back 40: Conservation Easements and Taxes

Big Sky, Mont. (June 17, 2017) – In the last issue of Explore Big Sky, we explored how conservation easements work and introduced potential benefits available to landowners who donate a conservation easement to a land trust. In this installment, we’ll take a look at associated tax benefits and touch on the process involved to set up an easement.

Back 40: An Overview of Conservation Easements in Montana

Big Sky, Mont. (May 30,2017) – Big Sky is a special place. What makes it special to each of us varies, but I would bet that many of you moved here to enjoy the wildlife, clean water and scenic views. Land trusts throughout Montana help preserve these unique regional qualities through their work on voluntary conservation easements, and have been successful in doing so, protecting over 2.5 million acres of open space in Montana. However, with the U.S. losing more than an acre of farmland every minute, and Montana losing 1,500 acres of open space to development each month, this is important work and there is more of it to be done.