Land Stewards

The Montana Land Reliance employs 19 seasonal land stewards who fulfill the organizations obligation to monitor each of its easement properties annually. All of MLR’s land stewards are experts in a natural resources field, and they bring their expertise to bear for MLR’s landowners whenever need be.

Gayleen Malone

Pray, Montana

John Moorhouse

Billings, Montana

Maria Mantas

Bigfork, Montana

Jerry Iverson

Big Timber, Montana

Skip Kowalski

Stevensville, Montana

Jim Roscoe

Dillon, Montana

Terry Althaus

Phillipsburg, Montana

Louise Bruce

Dillon, Montana

Patrick Flanary

Eureka, Montana

Ronald Hvizdak

Eureka, Montana

Cathey Hardin

Ennis, Montana

Brian Neilsen

Great Falls, Montana

Dan Reinhart

Bozeman, Montana

Kevin Suzuki

Ennis, Montana

Andrea Darling

Helena, MT