Planned Giving: What is the minimum time?

The minimum time for a planned gift is five years.

Planned Giving: How much income will I receive?

Your income depends upon your age, if you want to name a recipient of the income after you have passed away, and your need for a charitable gift versus income.

Planned Giving: How long does it take to set up?

A planned gift can usually be finalized within two to three weeks.

Estate Planning: How much can I save in taxes?

How much you save in taxes depends on the value of your property, and how restrictive you want the conservation easement to be. As a general rule, the more restrictive the conservation easement and the more desirable the location, the greater the reduction in value to the property.

Where does MLR get its money?

Staff fundraise from private individuals and apply for grants from various foundations and businesses. We also receive income from MLR investment funds.

Who runs MLR?

MLR is run by a Montana Board of Directors which meets quarterly. The Board oversees policy and programs, and is ultimately responsible for all major decisions. The staff is responsible for the operations of the organization.