5 reasons why you should #GiveOnTuesday



After a day of thankfulness with friends and family, and days of shopping big, small, and online, tomorrow, November 29, is #GivingTuesday!

#GivingTuesday is social media-fueled, worldwide day of philanthropy designed for people to easily give back to their communities, and to kick off the giving season! Tomorrow, we would love your support, and have a few reasons why you might consider contributing to The Montana Land Reliance!


1. Because you’d much rather see cows, not condosGT2


2. Because you want to preserve Montana’s agricultural heritage for her next generations




3. Because you want your grandchildren – and theirs – to see this




4. Because you want to protect Montana’s waterways forever




5. Because you can’t imagine our Last Best Place looking any different…and you don’t want it to!




We would love your support! Please follow the link below to contribute