Land Trust Alliance Confers Highest Honor on The Montana Land Reliance

Rock Ringling, George Olsen, Christian Dietrich, Will Trimbath, Matt Bell, and Gusty Clarke were on stage at Rally 2018 in Pittsburgh to accept the President's Award
On October 12, 2018, the Land Trust Alliance conferred its President's Award, the highest honor awarded by the land trust community, upon The Montana Land Reliance. The Land Trust Alliance's President's Award is given on a selective basis to an individual or organization "whose leadership has enriched the land conservation movement and whose contributions encourage commitment and action throughout the land trust community and private landowner community." MLR received the award for its "impact on conservation in Montana, across the West and the entire nation. It has conserved more than 1 m...

The Conservation Easement Process

Board President, George Olsen, Managing Director, Lois Delger-DeMars, and Board Member and easement donor, Phil Rostad, sign the Rostad's easement, which gave MLR its millionth acre of conserved land.
The fourth quarter of the year is always the busiest for MLR's staff and landowners. This is right about the time when the majority of conservation easements are finalized, signed, and sent to counties for review. This home stretch follows a sometimes years-long process of meeting with landowners to discuss their intentions, and to memorialize those good intentions in conservation easement agreements tailored specifically to fit their needs. Though each easement agreement is different, MLR's easement process is always the same! The Voluntary Private Land Conservation Easement Proces...

Conservation Easements and Taxes

From a land conservation perspective, conservation easements are the only tool with the capacity to perpetually prevent inappropriate development on private lands containing some of the richest habitat and soils in the state. These lands are integral parts of ecosystems spanning both public and private land, and provide critical resources and habitat connectivity for Montana’s fish and wildlife. Like all other types of easements, conservation easements are governed under Montana real property law, but federal tax law determines whether the donation of a conservation easement qualifies a...