Private Land Protection

MLR’s voluntary conservation easements protect 958,104 acres of ecologically, agriculturally, and historically important land and 1,632 miles of stream frontage.

Agricultural Heritage

Montana’s north-central wheat farms, western foothill ranches, and eastern grasslands bespeak a proud western heritage. Inclusive wildlife habitat, intact watersheds, and unspoiled open space typify these private lands.

158,694 acres of crop, hay, and pasture

799,410 acres of range and forest acres

Wetlands Restoration

Protection of Montana’s wetlands provides habitat for many threatened species.

10,069 acres of wetlands

Wildlife Legacy

The preservation of intact private lands in Montana allows the continued diversity of wildlife in numbers unimaginable anywhere else in the lower 48 states.

540,057 acres of elk habitat

Ecosystem Conservation

Well stewarded private lands are critical components of the intact landscapes surrounding Glacier and Yellowstone national parks.

18,763 acres of Northern Continental Divide Ecosystem

289,724 acres of Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem

Watershed Protection

Montana’s watersheds support agriculture, municipalities, a vibrant recreation industry, a great diversity of wildlife, and wild trout fisheries that are the envy of the nation.

1,632 miles of stream frontage