From Our President, George Olsen

Connecting the Dots

It is not hard to imagine what some of Montana’s most special places would have looked like without the long-term and persistent effort of the Montana Land Reliance (MLR). Places like the Smith River Canyon country could have been asphalt and houses instead of grass, trees, and grazers.

Montana’s future is tied to the land and to the people who live on and manage it. MLR envisions a future with enduring landscapes that keep Montana’s agricultural lands and communities healthy and flourishing over the generations.

On August 5, 2017, rancher and MLR board member, Phil Rostad, took the stage in front of over 400 MLR landowners and supporters at the Million Acre Celebration on the Hilger Ranch near the Gates of the Mountains, took the pen, and to raucous cheers from the audience, signed a conservation easement on his family’s Martinsdale ranch, pushing the total easement acreage held by MLR over the million-acre mark.  The ranch that hosted the party is itself a part of that million acres.